Complete Mystery Detective of Emile Gaboriau by Émile Gaboriau

Complete Mystery Detective of Emile Gaboriau

By Émile Gaboriau

  • Release Date: 2017-02-15
  • Genre: Short Stories
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French writer, considered the father of detective fiction. His first novel, The Lerouge Case was a huge success. We see the emergence of Lecoq, the detective. This character inspired Conan Doyle as a model of the ingenious detective who solves mysteries by his extraordinary deductive capabilities. But, unlike Sherlock Holmes, Lecoq is based on more realistic investigations, closer to the advancements of forensic science at the time.

The Lerouge Case, The Widow Lerouge (1865)
The Mystery of Orcival (1867)
Caught in the Net (1913)
The Champdoce Mystery (1913)
The Count's Millions (1870)
Baron Trigault's Vengeance (1913)
File No. 113 (Le Dossier 113) (1867)
Within an Inch of His Life (1913)
The Clique of Gold (1913)
Monsieur Lecoq (1869)
Other People's Money (1874)
The Honor of the Name (1891)
Baron Trigault's Vengeance-
The partially unsolved mystery of "The Count's Millions" keeps Marguerite de Chalusse from marriage with Paul Ferailleur. Through Baron Trigault and his schemes the long struggle is brought to happy result.
Caught in the Net-
Featuring a gang of thieves trapped in a web of deceit, this compelling and atmospheric detective novel reveals vividly realized characters who experience love, loss, joy and betrayal. This novel is followed by The Champdoce Mystery.
The Champdoce Mystery-
A sequel to Caught in the Net. One of Mascarin's plots is aimed at the Duke de Champdoce. The quarrel which ensues follows the Duke's attempt to make his son marry an heiress. The Duke's death, the marriage, and the duel beside the open grave, lead to complications which only Lecoq can solve.
The Clique of Gold-
From the first moment when Mile. Henriette is discovered in her little room in the garret trying to commit suicide, in the first chapter, until the climax of Sarah Brandon's schemes in the last, there is a series of daring plots and startling incidents.
The Count's Millions-
The death of the Count de Chalusse, the theft of his will and two million francs, the false accusation of Marguerite de Chalusse, make up a mystery which is solved only after some extraordinary adventures. Followed by Baron Trigault's Vengeance.
File No. 113 (Le Dossier 113) -
The story of a daring robbery; a remarkable criminal case crowded with mystery and rich in dramatic incidents.
The Mystery of Orcival -
This story takes the reader down the proverbial garden path -- who knows what awaits at the end? Is the French countryside as peaceful as it seems? The compelling characters and intricately plotted mystery will keep you riveted through the stunning conclusion.
Other People's Money -
An examination of what happens when money and murder meet. High finance is the backdrop to this atmospheric detective novel set in France. Can you solve the crime before time runs out?
Within an Inch of His Life-
The Chateau of Valpinson is burnt down and the owner shot. On the evidence of a village idiot a neighbour is accused, and the circumstantial evidence is strong. The detective Gandon solves the mystery.