Your Competent Child by Jesper Juul

Your Competent Child

By Jesper Juul

  • Release Date: 2011-09-30
  • Genre: Parenting
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Readers comments:

A Fabulous, Important Book.

Jesper Juul provides parents with such an amazing and absolutely vital approach to raising children that it rings true on every page. Some of what he suggests we as parents do is difficult, but all of it is right on about how we can raise confident, healthy, whole humans, right from the start. I was thrilled to have discovered a book that allowed me to see different possibilities with child raising. Anyone with a child will gain immensely from reading this book, seeing themselves in his numerous examples, and learning how to move on from there. I am grateful for this book and highly recommend it.

No Parent Should Be Without It.

With tremendous wisdom and a warm, pragmatic eye, Mr. Juul helps us redefine the ways we look at a child's behavior and our relationship to our children and ultimately, each other. This is a book that doesn't offer easy answers or 'tricks' to help in the raising of your child. This is a book that helps you see with a child's eye, hear with a child's ear, and feel with a child's heart in ways that feel so natural and obvious, you will wonder why you haven't thought of them before. It is a book that offers day-to-day skills along with the thinking that helps generate them. This groundbreaking book should be on the shelf of all parents everywhere. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

If you have children - read this book!

This is an amazing book that will surely turn upside down any thoughts you ever had about raising children. Even though you may not agree with all the views in this book, there is so much food for thought and new ideas that you will return to this book again and again for interesting and mind blowing advice.


  • The Most Important Book A Parent Can Read

    By the_real_nikster
    There are many good books on parenting but if you have to choose one, choose this: Others are well meaning, sometimes insightful, often helpful - but this stands on it own, its nothing short of a breakthrough. The insights provided by Juul are so powerful they will leave you a different, and vastly better parent. Truth speaks for itself it is said - and it does. An example: On page 6, on barely a page, Juul explains the so-called terrible twos: It is a phase when children discover they are individuals, and when they gleefully use this discovery by saying no to everything. Not to defy, but rather to enjoy this newfound and incredibly profound discovery, this freedom. Looking at my own two year old son who just so happened to scream "No!" just as I was reading that passage the truth could not have been more obvious. He had a huge smile on his face. I accepted his joy and about 10 seconds later he did the thing he had just said no to! This book has transformed my relationship with my son by page six! And it continues on from there. There are no "tricks" here how to get your children to cooperate - rather there is insight that will lead to a better life for both yourself and your chilrend. If you buy one book on parenting, make this be it.