The Smoothie Recipe Book: 150 Smoothie Recipes Including Smoothies for Weight Loss and Smoothies for Optimum Health by Rockridge University Press

The Smoothie Recipe Book: 150 Smoothie Recipes Including Smoothies for Weight Loss and Smoothies for Optimum Health

By Rockridge University Press

  • Release Date: 2013-03-20
  • Genre: Special Diet
Score: 4
From 29 Ratings
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Lose weight and drink up your daily dose of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants with The Smoothie Recipe Book.
Whether you want to detox, lose weight, or just make sure you get your daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals, drinking a smoothie is a tasty way to boost your health. With over 150 mouth-watering recipes, The Smoothie Recipe Book makes it quick and easy to naturally get your fill of antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables. Fill your glass with vitamins that suit your needs and taste how sweet being healthy can be.
The Smoothie Recipe Book contains:
150 Recipes for making fresh, delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies—from breakfast smoothies to green smoothies and superfood smoothies Chapter Overviews for choosing the right smoothies for your dietary needs and health goals Helpful Facts for understanding the nutritional advantages of specific fruits and vegetables The Smoothie Recipe Book includes: Breakfast Smoothies, Brain Nourishing Smoothies, Alkalizing Smoothies, Anti-Aging Smoothies, Antioxidant Smoothies, Cleansing Smoothies, Diabetic Smoothies, Digestive Health Smoothies, High-Energy Smoothies, Green Smoothies, Healthful Skin Smoothies, Kid-Friendly Smoothies, Low-Fat Smoothies, Protein Smoothies, Weight-Loss Smoothies, and much more!
"...everyone can learn something from this book. And what a fun way to nourish your body and stay healthy!"—Reader, Amazon Verified Purchase


  • I love the recipes!

    By EileahP
    I never even considered smoothies until recently. I read an article somewhere that mentioned smoothies being more healthy than juicing, because you are using the whole fruit and/or vegetable. It makes sense, so I did more research on the subject. I got this book and decided to give it a try. I'm trying to lose a few pounds, so I've been making smoothies in the morning for a healthy breakfast. I have never felt better! I have more energy and have lost weight.
  • Good Recipes for Beginners

    By jtennis26
    This book walked me through every step I needed to make smoothies, from buying a blender to selecting ingredients and controlling for veggie or fruit froth. The recipes are creative and have a great range, from green nutrient-packed super-smoothies to fruity dessert-like ones. Although the nutritional advice in the book is very basic, the recipes are a great place for a beginner smoothie-maker to start from and to build on.
  • A Great Recipe Book and Guide!

    By Burtonjr1989
    If you want a simple aid for making smoothies that benefit your body and taste great, this is your book. You'll learn steps for making the perfect smoothie and even ways to make your smoothies help specific concerns like toxins, arthritis and seasonal allergies.
  • A Cornucopia of Smoothies

    By review-icus
    'The Smoothie Recipe Book," is not just a great recipe book that includes 150 amazingly delicious Smoothies it is also an enjoyable read. This book includes a cornucopia of healthy blended drinks fit for both the novice and advanced Smoothie makers. I have been making smoothies every morning for almost a decade and was amazed at all the new ideas I got! The first thing I tried was the Hangover Juice which includes broccoli, cauliflower, apple and oranges. I enjoyed it after the second sip and by the time the glass was empty my head had stopped pounding. By the time I got out of the shower I was sold, not only do these drinks taste good but they REALLY work. I went on to explore the various types of smoothies in the book like Anti Aging, alkalizing, brain boosting and even smoothies specifically designed to meet the demands of growing young children but tailored to their more sensitive taste buds. This book has it all. One of my favorite parts of the book are the anecdotes on individual super-foods that give both the positive and potentially negative aspects of each item. Cherries have Melatonin to help you sleep but are full of sugar, Broccoli is high and protein but can increase Thyroid problems in people who are predisposed to them and the color of fruits or vegetables is a good indicator of what vitamins and minerals they contain. I will be keeping this book handy for some time to come, Bravo!
  • Disappointing

    By InspireMe25
    The layout of this e-book is poor, with ingredient names and lists splitting across pages. Adjusting my reader settings did not help. Very disappointed there is no nutritional content, calories, serving sizes, etc. An introduction with equipment options, tips on adding ice or partially freezing ingredients, etc., and nutritional additives such as protein powder, wheat germ, etc. would have been helpful.
  • Tons of Great Smoothie Recipes!

    By LaurieFan13
    This book has so many great smoothie recipes! They will teach you how to combine fruits and vegetables for delicious and nutritious results. We all know that fruits and veggies are good for us, but the authors teach us specifically how each ingredient will yield various health benefits. This book would be great for anyone who is looking for new healthy ideas and would make a fabulous gift.
  • Great recipes

    By Weightlifter84
    The only thing I don't like about it is that the author suggest cutting fats for weight loss. Your body needs few carbs to live happily but fats are essential for health and weight loss.
  • Great addition to the kitchen !

    If you are looking for a book that gives you nutritional advice and smoothie recipes—this is it. I was pleasantly surprised to have learned so much just from reading the intro and outro of each different smoothie category. I hadn’t realized some smoothies could detox, while others are good for breakfast. Perhaps the best thing about this book are “the dish” segments, learning about different food items and their health benefit is awesome. So far I have tried the mental monkey wrench (what a fun drink name) and hidden beauty—each our delicious. Overall, good content and awesome, easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Delicious Smoothie Recipes!!

    By Meeee10
    The Smoothie Recipe Book: 150 Smoothie Recipes is a great addition to any ones kitchen that is looking to add easy and great tasting recipes to their repertoire. There are a multitute of delicious smoothie possibilities in this book and it breaks the options down into easy to understand and easy to make recipes. With options ranging from kid friendly recipes, to diabetic friendly recipes, to weight loss recipes, this book truly has something for everyone. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for delicious and easy to make smoothie recipes.
  • The Smoothie Recipe Book

    By Green Light Guild
    Raw foods act like a tonic for the body. Because the life hasn’t been tampered with, when they are eaten, that life is passed on to you. Our bodies need enzymes, vitamins in their purest state to function at peak efficiency. That is why I love The Smoothie Recipe Book. All of the nutritional research, all of trial and error of combining ingredients for the fullest flavor and pleasing texture has already been done. They even list the health benefits for each ingredient with the recipe. All of the guesswork has been removed. Well thought out, great recipes.