Breakaway by Catherine Gayle


By Catherine Gayle

  • Release Date: 2013-12-11
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 352 Ratings
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USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle presents the first novel in the emotional Portland Storm hockey romance series.

Portland Storm captain Eric “Zee” Zellinger knows how to get the job done, but leading his once elite team to victory is fast becoming a losing battle. He can’t lose focus now—not with his career on the line. But when his best friend’s little sister makes him an offer he can’t refuse, Eric could lose the drive the team relies on from their captain.

Still in a downward spiral after a life-altering event in college, Dana Campbell is desperate to try anything to break away from the horror of that fateful night—even enlisting the help of the only man she trusts completely.

No matter how irresistible she is or how tempting the offer, Eric might not be able to cross that line—especially with the team’s chance at the playoffs on the line. Now, Eric has to take one last shot, but will he choose Dana’s Breakaway chance at happiness or the move that could secure his career?

The Portland Storm hockey romance series
1) Breakaway
2) On the Fly
3) Taking a Shot
4) Light the Lamp
5) Delay of Game
6) Double Major
7) In the Zone
8) Holiday Hat Trick
9) Comeback
10) Dropping Gloves
11) Home Ice
12) Mistletoe Misconduct
13) Losing an Edge
14) Game Breaker
15) Defensive Zone
16) Power Play
17) Neutral Zone
18) Free Agent - coming soon
19) Journeyman - coming soon
20) Sleigh Bells & Slap Shots - coming soon


  • Worth It

    By Jhoey1600
    I really love this book. At first I thought it wouldn't be that interesting but next thing I know I was addicted and couldn't put it down. It's worth it.
  • Definitive 5-Star Worthy

    By Turja DaLightEmpress
    As soon as I started reading it, I knew I would like it and most probably give it a 5 star. And here I am, rating it what I thought I would. The writing made me feel that. It was clean, easy to follow, and not boring. Plot: Very beautiful. The topic was sour but the author handled it wonderfully and managed to write in an extremely heartfelt way. Well done. Sense of reality: Always there. Feels: Yup. Definite feels everywhere. It had the ability to keep my emotions soaring. It was a wild ride, but a grand one at that. Looking forward to checking more from the author.
  • Soooo good!

    By revphatdiva
    One of the sweetest stories I have read in a long time. Eric is the best book boyfriend you could want. His tenderness is overwhelming. How he places her needs above his is so refreshing. Can’t to read the next book!
  • Great read!

    By ficcentral
    For seven years, something as simple as human touch, specifically that of a man, has been impossible for Dana. After a particularly traumatic attack during her freshman year of college, she’s a shell of the person she once was. And while she dreams of resuming a normal life, of being able to handle even the idea of a relationship, no amount of therapy seems to help. So when her therapist suggests a sex surrogate, Dana knows a stranger, no matter how professional and understanding isn't an option. But maybe her brother’s best friend, a man she trusts implicitly, could be the key to reclaiming her life. Judging Covers: Cute cover, but I’m not sure it accurately reflects the seriousness of the subject matter that’s at the heart of this plot. Then again, something dark and shadowed probably wouldn't introduce the series very well. I don’t know… The Verdict: It’s pretty rare for me to pick up a book that speaks of rape, not only because it’s so often a badly used plot device but also simply because I’m not a fan of all that angst. But this one was free on Amazon, and after I checked out some other readers’ reviews, I figured I’d give it a shot. Contrary to what I sort of expected, I just couldn't put it down. While Dana’s rape is practically its own character in the story, it’s a past-tense deal, never fully described in detail, which made it much more palatable than I usually find. And while she’s so traumatized from it that she can barely function, she refuses to give up on the dream of spending her life with someone, and she’s determined to overcome the seemingly impossible obstacles its created. Somehow Catherine Gayle has created a believable, damaged, and hopeful character without overdoing or glossing over things the way I expected. Where many authors would have left their characters drowning in angst, waiting to be rescued by some ridiculously understanding stranger who magically scales the figurative walls, Dana refuses to fall into a spiral of despair, even when her heartbreaking struggle is nothing short of overwhelming. It’s the right respect for the seriousness of the event coupled with a heroine you can’t help but root for. But on to the story… Eric crushed on Dana for longer than was probably appropriate, but she was always his best friend’s kid sister, and he tried to do the noble thing by resisting the attraction. However, her whole life fell apart before he could finally give in to his heart, and ever since then, he’s felt his chance has passed. The awkwardly sad, hilarious scene in which Dana asks for his help has him at odds — he feels like the brand of help she’s asking him for is a betrayal of his best friend and constitutes taking advantage of Dana. But he’ll be damned if he’s going to let anyone else do the job. Eric’s understanding and considerate nature when it came to Dana’s issues is — on the surface — almost too perfect. Then again, he’s known her forever, truly cares about her, and witnessed her drastic change in personality himself. As strong as his feelings are for her, there’s no way he could really treat her any differently than he does. It’s his past with her, even just as a family friend, that makes his constant concern for her more believable than one might think. Their journey is filled with panic attacks, Dana’s desperation to be “normal,” and Eric’s overwhelming guilt, but somehow it’s not the giant angst-fest the scenario hints at. Instead, it’s actually a very sweet romance, though the physical side of things is understandably slower to develop than the emotional side. Eric is head over heels for Dana, extremely protective of her, and more than willing to deal with the fallout that will inevitably occur when her brother finds out what their up to. The only thing I didn't really like or feel was appropriate was that Eric’s entire team was told up front about Dana’s issues. While there was no doctor-patient confidentiality, in that Dana bucked her therapist’s suggestions of a professional and enlisted Eric to help her get past her trauma and be able to have a physical relationship, it just seemed like a terrible invasion of privacy and rather inappropriate. Sure, the other guys on the team needed to know that Dana was going to have serious problems being around them and would more than likely go into complete freak-out mode at one point or another, but I would have been more accepting of a less personal explanation to them. Say she had an extremely traumatic experience and is suffering from PTSD, severe anxiety, and a load of other issues, and then let them draw their own conclusions. In any case, Breakaway was a great read, and while I may have had that one issue with the story, it in no way diminished my enjoyment of it. The characters’ emotions, challenges, and strong chemistry were all perfectly balanced, and I’ll definitely be hunting down the other books in the series.

    By WeMomma
    Loved, loved, loved it!! I was in a book slump and this has cured me :) can't wait to read more. Really great read!!!
  • Sweet love story but...

    By 11tms69
    This was a sweet love story it a bit slow for someone who doesn't understand hockey or the illness that's suffered.
  • Fantastic

    By Ole_aunt_alma
    This book has substance and shows what's to come in the series. The characters and storyline grab at you from the beginning.
  • Breakaway

    By Movies and Music Lover
    Very well written. Dealt with a difficult topic in a very heartfelt manner. Loved the details on hockey; great character development.
  • Nicely done

    By baseballgirl123
    Great take on the guy who loves his best friends little sister story line. Catherine Gayle did a great job of tastefully dealing with Dana's issues. It was nice watching her come into bloom. And Eric was perfect. I might start watching hockey!
  • Amazing

    By Ampoe1
    Captivating couldn't book the book down one of my fave reads