Buy Bibles In Bulk – What You Should Consider Before Making A Purchase

Do you want to buy a large number of Bibles? Do you know what scriptures you want to buy? Do you need it for the Church, or will you smuggle it to China? There are many reasons why a Christian will buy a large number of Bibles. There are many Christian websites that sell the Bible, and some sites will give you free shipping if you buy goods at a bulk speed. There are some aspects that you must consider when you buy a lot of the Bible:

Buy everything through leading Christian retailers

Christians will have the best resources and connections when it comes to buying Christian products. When you buy items through a Christian company, you will know that you support the causes of Christians who strongly support your efforts to spread the gospel through the Church. You can read bible genealogy timeline online at

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Bible size

When you buy a large number of Bibles, you must think of the biblical size. Do they need to be able to fit behind a bench in your church, or will they be sent abroad to be distributed to locals? These are all important considerations to be evaluated before you order. The smaller Bible will be more easily transported than the larger Bible, but smaller molds may be more difficult to read.

Choose the right translation

Each church denomination has their own preferences to read the scriptures. Some of the most popular versions of the Bible include NIV, NKJ, KJV, NRSV, messages, NASB, and NLT. Make sure you buy the right version for your readers. If the pastor reads the word from the version of NIV, and you buy a Bible to be placed in the Congregation, you must buy the NIV version for Sanctuary.