Different Types Of Outdoor Business Custom Signs

Signs are essential for any business. There are certain signs that can't be placed outdoors, but many will be visible to pedestrians and drivers as they pass by your location. 

There are many options for outdoor signs that you can use to advertise your business. These signs may be a good option for your outdoor advertising efforts. You can also browse customsignsaustralia for more information about outdoor custom signs.

Metal signs

A durable, custom-made metal sign is one of the best options for outdoor signs. They are lightweight and strong when done correctly. Alumalite and Dibond are all good metal materials for business signs. 

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Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards are a great choice for businesses located in strip malls or other areas that see a lot of foot traffic. Sandwich boards are a great way to grab attention of people who are right in front or very close to your business. 


Are you a festival- or event-oriented business? Because of its portability, a banner is an excellent choice. Banners can be easily packed and taken down to be displayed at vendor locations or at exhibits. 

Corrugated plastic

Corrugated plastic signs such as Coroplast are extremely lightweight. Because they are waterproof, corrugated signs are better than many other options.

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