Drain Tile Installation Can Save Your Basement

Drainage tiles protect your home from groundwater flooding. This will divert water from your home before it gets in and causes damage.

Increasing urban sprawl and more frequent weather systems make your homes more vulnerable to flooding. By investing in a tile drainage system, you can protect yourself from prolonged insurance claims and expensive cleaning in the future. Better to hire a team of professional installers for perimeter drain tile installation.

There are two types of tile drainage systems – internal and external. The internal system is when the gutter is installed at the foot of the building under the floor slab. This is the most common option for laying tiles after drainage. It is also used in new buildings along with external drainage tiles.

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The external tile drainage system is when a tile drainage pipe is installed around the perimeter of the building below the level of the floor slab. This is the preferred method for all new compositions with or without internal drainage plates.

To save valuable time and energy, it is highly recommended that you hire an installer who is trained in sewer systems. Working closely with experienced contractors, you get guaranteed results of the highest quality and a professional relationship that will last for the rest of your life. A team of highly skilled contractors can complete most drainage tile-laying jobs in 1-3 days.

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