Finding the Right e-Commerce Software Platform

It is hard to find a reliable and robust eCommerce platform for your business. Most business owners have no idea what it means. There are many eCommerce platforms on the market today. Each application is tailored to the needs of each user.It takes a lot of effort to design a website store and integrate different modules. It is important for business owners to be familiar with the various eCommerce platforms.

Thinkaisle provides basic functions like customizable templates, a shopping basket, search engine optimization and inventory management. To customize their eCommerce store, users simply need to create an account.When choosing an eCommerce platform, business owners must consider the various functions of their business. After deciding on the functions they wish to integrate, business owners can start searching for vendors who offer these features in their eCommerce platform.

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Here are a few top eCommerce platforms that offer multi-functionality and are comprehensive,

Hybris by SAP: The Swiss-based company provides engineered commerce platforms that allow companies to sell their products through multiple channels, such as online stores, physical stores and mobile. It currently operates in over 15 countries with more than 400 clients.

ATG Web Commerce by Oracle: This is the most highly regarded eCommerce platform in the industry. It's the largest eCommerce application and offers a customized buying experience for all channels, including web, contact center, mobile device, social networks, physical stores, and other.

Websphere Commerce by IBM: Websphere Commerce provides business owners seamless cross-channel shopping experiences through the use of appropriate content, marketing, promotions, and the extension of the company's brand across all customer touch points. 

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