Get an Overall Idea About Flange Guards

Cover the flanges’ joints or flanges valves, guards are a protective shield. This will make spills never flow out. For almost every petrochemical industry or chemistry, the solution is very important because it ensures the protection of personnel and plants and carries a number of benefits.

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In almost every area of ​​PVC Flange Spray Shields applications increases where regularly there are so many chemicals used and high are chances of spray.

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To prevent spray from the formation of fog and the corrosive floors of the FLensa bodyguard is used to close the flanges completely. Securing your industry from large losses is proven to prevent chemical sprays and leaks. Around the flanges, finished, you can easily wrap it because their design is very useful.


With safely corrected materials such as PTFE, stainless steel, stainless steel, Polypropylene PVC, and etc. This is made to secure around the damage. For different environments and reduce losses and risks of their ideal different materials.

Until this isolated pipe is very helpful to contain leaks in the planning connection to this side.

Easy installation: on the market, this flange guard is very well known for quick installation, reuse and deletion. By tying a knot, you can install it in a few minutes. By one installation can be done, which results save money and your time too.