Gifts For Every Type Of Cigar Smoker

Shopping for gifts is not an easy task, but there are definitely ways to make the experience easier. Follow our guide to finding the right cigar gift for your loved ones, depending on the type of smoker they are.

The Cigar Beginner

When buying a gift for someone who has just recently taken up cigar smoking, you have many options to choose from. You can also look for the best cigar gifts in Tampa through various online sources.

Beginners in the cigar world have to face many taste tests to find out which cigar they like best and are ready to invest more money. Give them some of the best cigars in the world to choose from.

Cigar lover

A cigar lover is someone who has been smoking cigars for a long time – even though they may not have chosen their favorite cigar. No one settles for mediocre smoke, it can be very tricky for cigar lovers as they are always on the lookout for the next best smoke.  

A selection pack of cigars is the ideal gift for cigar lovers as people who like to try different types of smoke in search of the "one".

Scotch whiskey and cigar gift box is another ideal choice as it contains four different cigars to try and offers the opportunity to experiment with pairing cigars with the fabulous 12-year-old Scottish Glendronach!

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