Halotherapy a Natural Remedy For Treatment of Respiratory, Dermatology and Cosmetology Problems

Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, uses dry aerosols of salt microparticles and minerals for the treatment of respiratory and dermatological conditions. It replicates conditions that have been used in European salt mines since the early 19th century. It is non-invasive, safe, and drug-free.

You can use it as either a complement to prescription medications or as a single treatment. If Halotherapy is used in conjunction with prescribed medication, it can decrease the amount of those medications. The effectiveness of speleotherapy depends on the negative ionization micro particles of dry salt aerosol. Humans are extremely grateful for negative ions. 

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Nature produces high levels of negative ions in mountainous areas and hills. This is partly because there is less dust in mountain areas to absorb the negative ions. People have always traveled to hills to recover from respiratory illnesses and rest. Negative ions are also generated by energy from moving water. 

When a waterfall falls on rocks or waves crush the shore, the positive charge is retained in the larger drops, while the negative charge flies with the fine spray and forms negative ions. Everyone who breathes in the mist at waterfalls laughs loudly and is absorbing Life Force as negative ions and oxygen.

Experiments have shown that the cilia in the trachea (or windpipes) are stimulated with negative ions and depressed when they receive positive ions. The microscopic hairs called human cilia, or microglia, are microscopic and maintain whiplike motion while cleaning the air we breathe of pollen and dust.

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