How to Host A Wild and Fun Jungle Theme Party

We're here to help you if you are a party animal who wants to throw a jungle party. This guide will help you plan a safari- or jungle-themed party, baby shower or graduation or any other event.

You have many options when it comes to a jungle party theme. For a baby's first party, you can choose bright colours or pastel baby animals. Or for a teen's sweet 16 party, you can pick elegant prints and decor. 

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Get wild with decor

Party balloons: A party is incomplete without party balloons, especially if it's a safari-themed birthday party. Animal balloons with tigers, elephants and monkeys are a good choice. You also have the option of animal print or zebra stripe balloons. 

Stickers for safari animals: There are many options for giraffes, elephants, lions and crocodiles. You can create a wilder environment by using animal stickers with vibrant colors and metallic designs that sparkle and shine.

Banner or background for birthdays: A backdrop that is animal-themed can draw attention to the guests of honor at a baby shower or birthday party. You can either hang an animal print on the wall or use wild animal wall stickers.

Photo booth: Relive the excitement of your jungle party by taking photos. You can set up a theme backdrop with plenty of props like animal cutouts and safari masks.

You might also consider a virtual experience. You can also take your party to a zoo, or wildlife learning center, where you can interact with amazing creatures.


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