Information About Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass is also known as dichroic glass. It bends light to create rainbows by reflecting colors. You can guess how it is pronounced (dye crow-it) because it was not easy for me to pronounce it correctly the first time. This glass has a unique feature: it doesn't use any dyes, paints, or other coloring agents to create unique colors. 

It's made up of microscopic layers, which are metal oxides. This gives it the ability to reflect colors. It was my assumption that dichroic glasses would have a new color, but it dates back at least to the fourth century AD. The name derives from "de" which means "two" and "chroma," which is the Greek word for "color". Rainbow dichroic glass can appear to be more than one color, especially when it is viewed from different angles.

Some believe that NASA contractors are responsible for the development of dichroic glasses because they used them to make dichroic filters. It is not surprising that glass used to make jewelry could be made into something suitable for satellite mirrors in the 1990s and reentry on the Space Shuttle. It was also used to make tiles.

Dichroic glass can be made in the same way as Murano glass, and it has been used for centuries in Italian-style ornamentation. Although I don't know when dichroic glass became popular in jewelry, it has seen a steady increase in popularity in the past decade. You'll love unique jewelry made from dichroic glass. You don't worry about meeting someone similar to yourself because everyone has their style.

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