Small Business Needs A Good Quality Anti Virus Solution

Cybercriminals are real and use automated software to infect computers to steal banking information, that's just a fact. Every year, these criminals make billions of dollars from their online criminal activities.

How does this affect you? It's just that these people on the internet don't discriminate against people, they follow everyone and everyone. So don't think that your small business will go off the radar. These cybercriminals don't care how small your business is. You can find the best business anti-virus  services online.

best business anti-virus

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How did you do that? Contrary to popular belief, exploiting vulnerabilities in your computer software is not just about vulnerabilities in Microsoft software such as Internet Explorer and Windows.

This vulnerability can be exploited automatically when you accidentally visit a malicious website. So you think you're not visiting a "trick" website. Imagine cybercriminals don't just target people who visit adult sites, they use tools to automatically create websites that look legitimate and infect legitimate websites.

There are commercially available software products known as exploit toolkits that allow relatively inexperienced cyber criminals to carry out these attacks.

How did they get away with it? These guys work great and get away with it. By spreading their attacks and hiding behind multiple levels of portals, they made identification difficult.

One method of attack is through so-called botnets. Botnets are software that infects thousands of computers called zombie computers and can be controlled remotely by their creators as a group. These botnets can even be rented out to other cybercriminals.

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