Why is Asbestos Removal Important?

disposal in Brisbane asbestos removal


Asbestos testing is an important concept which should be considered whether you plan to renovate your older home along with the safety. Back in the 1970s, asbestos was an amazing material used abundantly in the construction industry. But the use of asbestos became weaker once tests result by scientists indicated that asbestos was known to cause harmful health issues which led to severe diseases. Therefore, asbestos removal became mandatory across the globe for a lot of reasons. Here are a few pointers the reasons as to why asbestos removal is important.

  1. It is Widely Present – As one of the top reasons, asbestos is a toxic substance that still exists in homes and buildings making it mandatory to be removed at the earliest. Based on recent statistics, significant amount of asbestos is present in over 30 million buildings that are commercial and residential.
  2. It Harms the Health – After the wide presence of asbestos, the next point behind the importance of asbestos removal is its ability to cause harmful diseases. Lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma would be some of the diseases caused by asbestos in humans. Moreover, there are no remedies to deal with these diseases. Plus, asbestos is known to easily enter the lungs after entering through the mouth and nose in particular. Therefore, asbestos needs to be removed.
  3. It is Required in Certain Countries – Apart from being present and harming the health, certain countries have laws that states removal of asbestos as mandatory. For instance; asbestos inspection is a must if you wish to demolish a property or renovate your property.

These are just a handful reasons behind asbestos removal and disposal in Brisbane and other cities in Australia.

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