Advantages to Commercial Dishwashers

Sinks are an excellent option to wash dishes, but to get the most efficacy and the least use of water, a commercial dishwasher cannot be beaten. If your restaurant is having trouble keeping up with the demands of dishes, you should know more about the benefits that a dishwasher from a business, and how it can be integrated into your kitchen.

If your dishwasher is not working properly, you can hire a professional for commercial dishwashers repairs or commercial kitchen appliance repairs.

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Dimension of Racks

In commercial dishwashers, racks are the most common measurement unit. While racks may have various internal skeletons, their exteriors typically are an average 20"x20" that can be found in a variety of dishwashers. 

To find out what size dishwasher you'll need, you'll need to calculate the number of racks your dishwasher requires to handle during peak times.

Different types of Dishwashers

The commercial market offers a variety of models of dishwashers that are more adaptable to the needs of your company's needs. If you have only an area of a few square feet and you require an entirely different kind of dishwasher than one which has a greater turnover rate and greater kitchen space.

Door Type-

If you are using dishes pits to wash dishes, this is the ideal setup to your needs. Door-type units are capable of washing up to eighty racks every hour. The person who is able to open the door and slide in the rack. Then, he takes it out once the wash process is finished.


The conveyor-style system can take care of as much as 8,000 plates an hour. Dishes are put straight on the conveyor belt before being run through the washing cycle.


The dishwasher can only wash glasses and stemware, but not silverware or china. It can take care of more than 2,000 glasses in an hour.

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