Cause Of Breast Pain In One Breast?

Are you currently suffering from breast pain? Have you noticed that the pain seems to be more significant or only present in one breast? Are you curious to know what might be the cause of this pain?  One cause of nipple change and pain in one breast may be because of a possible breast infection. 

In this case the condition is referred to as mastitis. Mastitis is a condition that occurs when the skin of the breasts becomes damaged. Damaged skin will allow bacterial, viral and fungal microbes to gain access to vulnerable breast tissue. As a result the fat contained inside the breasts can become infected.

A breast infection may lead to potential swelling and inflammation that will press against other tissues inside of your breast. When this happens you will notice pain and discomfort. The majority of breast infections are said to be caused by bacteria. A breast infection is easily treatable through antibiotic therapy. 

A woman could also try over the counter medications in order to control symptoms such as inflammation. A woman suffering from inflammatory breast cancer may also experience other skin abnormalities. A tissue biopsy can discover the condition and treatment can be issued to slow down progression of the cancer or stop it altogether.

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