EPS Recycling Infrastructure Program In Sydney

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling rates are increasing due to large investments in recycling infrastructure combined with increased industry awareness and knowledge. The grant allows the organizations to purchase EPS recycling equipment in Sydney which makes it economical to transport and recycle EPS into plastic products. Because EPS does not degrade over its lifetime, it is ideal for the recovery and recycling of almost any application.

Our collection program offers a simple but sustainable solution for the disposal and recycling of EPS waste. We help companies to recycle properly – without extra effort and expense. 

The cost savings result from simplifying the construction process and reducing the use of concrete in the ceiling. This reduction in cubic meters of concrete also minimizes the project's need for natural resources, meaning builders can offer their customers more sustainable products.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a growing problem for many companies as the amount of EPS waste increases every year. Reducing EPS to landfill is now a top priority for local councils and government – as the Packaging Agreement calls for packaging waste to be removed from landfill.

Waste polystyrene from construction applications can be recovered and recycled during the construction process. It supplies cleaning bags on site and works closely with contractors to collect waste or unused Styrofoam at the end of its life, transport it safely to our manufacturing facility, and granulate it for reuse.

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