How Prospective Students Use Virtual College Tours

When students start their college searches, most will switch to the internet as the first place they go to learn more about their options. Making your school website as interactive and informative might help you recruit students right for your school. . You can also take a remote virtual campus through

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Wherever the prospective students are geographically located, their core needs and information are all the same. 3D Virtual College Tours gives you a way to meet their information collection requirements in an interesting and interactive way. Here are just a few things prospective students will look for when they participate in a 3D virtual campus tour at your school:

Tourist Options: Not all learning styles of all the same people, and thus, not everyone will benefit from the same type of virtual campus tour. Providing the 3D Immersive Web browser option can help you ensure you meet the needs of all prospective students. 

Interactive games: To keep user interest, interactive games are very important. The current students are very comfortable with all kinds of different technologies and often prefer to learn to use various ways of technology. 

Chat features: at each point on a virtual campus tour, whether it is guided by representatives of acceptance or independently, prospective students want their questions to be answered immediately. 

Direct text features and voice chat allow them to ask questions freely and engage in conversations with real entry representatives and other tour participants.

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