Straighten Crooked Teeth with Clear Aligners

Misalignment of teeth is a general problem, with patients often feeling conscious of their teeth. Metal braces can aid with misalignment, but can often heighten the difficulties associated with adult orthodontic treatment. This can often lead to avoiding the use of conventional braces.

Misalignment issues

Misalignment is displayed in many forms, including overbite, overjet, crowded or widely spaced teeth, and crooked teeth. There are various reasons for people having crooked teeth. This could be down to inheritance or improper care during childhood. Some may even have crooked teeth later in life.


Gone are the days when such misaligned and crooked teeth were treated with the use of metal braces. Ceramic braces and polymer braces are recent developments in the field of orthodontics. These are made up of a clear, transparent material that is nearly invisible. In addition, they are also more comfortable in comparison with metal braces. In San Antonio, you can search for the best clear aligners via

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Ceramic or polymer (acrylic) transparent clear aligners are custom-molded to match a patient's specific condition. They are designed to treat issues such as overcrowded teeth, spaced teeth, misaligned teeth, protrusive teeth, and rotated teeth, as well as overbites and underbites. Even issues such as crossbites can be corrected with the use of aligners.

Advantages of transparent and invisible braces

Invisible braces are more discreet from a cosmetic perspective. They are easier to use and provide a more comfortable fit for the user. Invisible braces are custom-fitted and are made in sets. Each set is retained for around two to three weeks and, as the teeth gradually move, another set of aligners is provided. The length of the process varies upon each individual case but if followed correctly, can l produce perfectly straight teeth.

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