Video Marketing Secrets – Essential Elements of a Successful Explainer Video

You want your explainer video to be more than just a play. It must also do serious business.

What is the difference between the winners and losers? After many years of experience working on these videos, I have seen that all the truly successful premium crafted animated product video projects have:

1. Clear and concise script

2. Professional Voice Over

3. Website Layout: Prominent Position

Notice that there is no mention anywhere of quality animation. It is not that animation quality is not important. Animation is an artistic element. Different styles will appeal to different people.

A style of animation that you are passionate about may not be appealing to your clients.

"As long the animation is professional and adds meaning to spoken elements, and it fits in with your branding, it's really just eye-candy."

Animation is only eye candy if it looks professional, adds meaning to spoken elements, and matches your branding.

The bottom line is that even people who aren’t impressed by your animation won’t be lost if the message is clear and concise, they will still find value in it.

Clear and concise script

Without a doubt, the script for an explainer video has to be the most important part of the project. It is the heartbeat of your project and the most crucial factor in video marketing success.

Keep that in mind when writing your script: Hire a professional scriptwriter!

It doesn't mean that you should not be involved, but it is more likely that someone outside of your product/service/message will create a script that resonates with your first viewers.

Use a professional script-writing service if offered by a company. They can then use their knowledge to create an effective product.

The message is the key! All else is just eye candy! Once you have created a clear message and a motivating call for action, you need to use:

Business and Management