Video Production: Finding The Right Production Company

You know what you want, but where do you find it? Finding a great production company requires not only knowing where to look but also thinking carefully once you've found a few options.

Ignore your phonebook and go straight to the internet. With online resources constantly evolving, you may be able to do your entire table search. All major production companies have websites with easily accessible information and demonstration materials. You can also hire New York City video production company through various websites.

Reputation is an important path to follow. A direct recommendation from a customer can say a lot about the whole interaction, the professionalism, the whole process, and the end result. You may find that well-known production companies don't really offer the quality of lesser-known production companies.

While personal recommendations are often the most helpful, keep in mind how extensive your sources are. Take the opportunity to inquire about the experience and see some of the final product. If you like video sampler elements, find out where they came from. The animations can be very impressive, the soundtracks are definitely captivating, or the editing is very tense, so ask for names.

Has the production company been recognized and approved by its film peers? Websites usually have room for all sorts of awards. Regional and national awards show outstanding work. Notable competitions include the Emmy Awards, Awards, Videographer, New York Festival, International Film and Video Festival, and the Telly Awards. While all the awards are noteworthy, some mean more than others. Notice how each award is determined. 

Depending on your budget, location can be a factor in who you hire. Travel expenses, including fuel and accommodation costs, will eventually be charged back to your account. The convenience of a production company down the road may not matter if your project needs to be shot on-site in another country.

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