What Does Splitgate Override Switch Do?

The problem with the new six-way multipro tailgate design is that the middle door tilts downwards at a 90-degree angle, bringing it fully into contact with the trailer hitch in the truck receiver, resulting in costly damage such as scraping the paint, denting the tailgate, and destroying the electronics and back-up camera. You can also pop over to this site to buy the best split gate override switch for your multipro tailgate.

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Compatible with GMC SLT trucks for 2019 and 2020, the AT4 and Sierra 1500 and 2500 share the same tailgate design issues. Luckily, this problem is solved with the help of Splitgate Override Switch! 

Split gate Override Switch has two versions to solve this problem, the Auto Engage and Manual Engage versions to allow the luxury of not having to worry about inadvertently removing the tailgate again! After installation, the switch detects possible errors and automatically disconnects the power supply to the step function in the middle of the door. 

You have the best of both worlds with the option to turn off the power automatically or manually. The switch automatically defends against this famous 6-way multipro tailgate problem and excludes all risks and hazards.  

Splitchgate Override Switch is easy to install, so doesn't wait a minute! Protect your beautiful new truck and avoid potential damage NOW by getting  Splitgate Override Switch TODAY! 

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