Know More About The Process Of Plastic Recycling

In the beginning, plastics were collected both manually and mechanically. Not all plastics are of the same quality. Plastic bottles and heavy industrial plastic products cannot be destroyed in the same process.  Therefore, the different types of plastics are divided into departments.

One of the criteria for determining the type is to examine the resin type. Different plastic products have different strengths and resin qualities. The practice of determining the quality of scrap plastic is through the resin identification process but it is outdated and less widely used today. Plastic reprocessing refers to the process of recovering waste or scrap plastic into functional and useful products. 

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The method currently used for separation is RIC technology. After being separated, they are mechanically broken down into small pieces. This is done to facilitate the breakdown of contaminants. The crushed material is melted in a special furnace, extruded, and finally processed into large and heavy pellets, which are finally transported to another facility to obtain new products from these pellets.

Apart from plastics, scrap metal also causes environmental pollution. This is why the scrap recycling process is used to control the damage. However, today people are finally realizing that recycling plastic is the only way to save the planet.

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